Dogwood Pet Lodge
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Our kennels are housed in a cozy log cabin style building attached to our personal home. For your dogs you may choose standard boarding in our indoor/outdoor individual runs or our “Very Important Pooch” VIP room for a more home-like accommodation. Standard runs have radiant heat floors for chilly nights and 
air conditioning for those hot "dog days of summer”. We also offer some Pampered Pet options
 as add-ons to standard and that come included with the VIP room such as individual outdoor playtime, photo-a-day or a bath at the end of the stay. Pets other than dogs are accommodated in the main house for their peace and comfort. We provide blankets which we change out frequently so personal dog beds are not accepted in order to keep everything sanitary. We provide kibble meals twice a day however if you choose to keep pets on their own diet, please bring their food, including biscuits or soft treats, as well as any medications your pet
 may need. Nylabones or rubber toys can be left in kennels but not rawhides, meaty bones or other animal body part type chews.
Dogwood Pet Lodge Services
Pampered Pet Outdoor Individual Playtime
$5 per day, per dog for 20 minutes in large fenced play yard
This option can be added daily to your dogs standard boarding stay. It is a supervised individual playtime with the owners of Dogwood Pet Lodge and never with other dogs. During playtime your dog can enjoy at their leisure to run, jump, romp and snif as much as they like, bring us a ball and play Chuck-it fetch, relax in the sun or shade and enjoy the fresh air, or be a Couch Potato and cuddle up next to us on the bench for attention, massaging, belly rubs, and ear scratches. Whatever it is your dog enjoys it's totally up to them
to spend their time how they like and we will oblige.  

Pampered Pet Bath Time $15 & Nail trims $10
*price as part of Pampered Pet package with a minimum 2 night stay
This is just a simple shampoo and rinse to send your dog home clean and smelling fresh. A nail trim is done with a dremel filer. Baths,
nail trims and ear cleans can be scheduled without a boarding stay
at our regular prices by appointment Mon-Sat. If your dog has long hair a blow dry and brush out can be added for an additional charge. 

Pampered Pet Photo-a-Day $1 per day, per dog
Have photos of your dog’s Pampered Pet playtime emailed to you every day! Then after their departure see an album of all your pets photos of their stay on our Facebook page!
Standard Boarding $25 per night, per dog
*if a 2nd dog is boarded together in the same run the 2nd dog is $20 
All your dogs needs are met in their individual indoor/outdoor kennel run. Blankets, bowls, food, water and a "nite nite" treat
at bedtime are provided. Individual run doggy doors are open from 8 am until 10 pm so your dog can go in and out as much as they like on their own. They can rest in their inside area or hang out in the back of their run and yap with all their neighboring friends. 

VIP Room $40 per night, for 2 dogs is $35 each
Our VIP room is a separate individual 8 x 10 cozy room with
a "human" bed, a bone shaped feeder, a sky light, TV and surveillance watch from the main house. It includes 2 morning
and 2 evening potty breaks as well as a 20 minute Pampered Pet Outdoor Individual playtime, photo-a-day and if you choose a bath at the end of your pet's stay. *bath only with minimum 2 night stay 

Stay for the Day Doggy Daycamp
 $18 per day includes 20 min playtime
For a one day stay with a morning drop off and pick up by 6 pm
the same day your dog can stay in a kennel and have a 20 minute outdoor playtime in the fenced yard mid-day. Traditional group play doggy daycare is not offered however your pooch will get supervised individual playtime with Dogwood Pet Lodge owners. ​

CATS are $15 per night and a 2nd cat is $10 We have 8 ft tall multi-tier kitty condos in the main house.
Potbelly Pigs are $25 a night. Other furry pets such as Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits etc are $12 per night.